Some tips for making sure your move goes smoothly.

Moving is stressful. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, it takes planning and preparation. Here are some tips for making sure your move goes smoothly.

1. Start Early

Start early! Even if you think you’ll only be packing boxes for a couple of weeks, you may find yourself spending longer than expected. So, plan ahead.

2. Do What You Can Now

Don’t wait until the last minute to pack and clean out your home. Doing so now will save you time later when you’re trying to unpack and organize everything.

3. Don’t Overload Yourself

You don’t have to do everything all at once. Instead, try to tackle small tasks throughout the week. For example, put away dishes after dinner instead of waiting until morning.

4. Have a Plan

Make a checklist of things you need to accomplish before you leave. Include items like cleaning out your car, getting rid of unwanted clothing, and organizing paperwork.

5. Pack Wisely

Pack light. Only bring the clothes you really need. And make sure you have plenty of extra space in your suitcase.

6. Be Organized

Organize your belongings according to size and type. Use boxes, bins, and storage containers to separate large items from smaller ones.

7. Clean Up Before Leaving

Clean out drawers and closets. Throw away expired medications and unused household cleaners.

8. Leave Behind Unwanted Items

Leave behind anything you don’t want to come along with you. You can donate or sell these items when you arrive at your new place.